fb--33I was a wide-eyed 14-year-old when I bought my first camera, most likely with a good deal of help from my parents. That was 12 years ago, and I while can’t say that was when I first loved photography, it was the time I won my freedom to take pictures whenever I wished. I can remember two times before that when photography had my full attention. The first was when my dad took me to Yosemite. He owned a Canon T-90, a bag full of lenses, and deep longing for the wilderness: a fever which I must have caught from him on that trip. I remember clearly the night we set up his camera on a tripod to capture El Capitan and the moon, and him bending over the camera to frame the shot just right. I had no idea how it all worked, but I remember him trying to explain the technology to me, and how amazed I was that he understood all that. The other time was when I was 13 and I went snorkeling with some friends. There were sea turtles, and I had a disposable waterproof camera. You’d have thought I was shooting with a pro camera by the high expectations I had for those pictures.

I am now 26 and live in a small town outside of Atlanta. I spend my weekdays delivering produce from local Georgia organic farms to people’s front doors. I love the people I work with and live around, and when weekends come we like to go dancing or build fires and make s’mores. I love to travel, and am always open to going anywhere for photography.

I’ve been taking photographs professionally since college, where I was a photographer for the Marketing and Communications department. I began shooting weddings in the summer of 2012.