Black and White Balsam – Shapes and Lines

These are from a bit of hiking at Black Balsam this weekend. It’s off the Blue Ridge Parkway about 40 miles west of Asheville. This time I decided to give myself some homework before taking my camera out. These pictures all have to do with shapes and lines. In other words, I tried to make sure, as I was taking each shot, that the strong point of each photo would either be the shape of the subject or a line going through the picture.  It was cool to see how I noticed different things when I set a category for what I was shooting. Normally I just photograph whatever catches my attention. This time I’d pull the camera up to my eye and say to myself, what is the shape I’m looking at? The result? Most of the pictures have a clear subject, something I have noticed is sometimes missing from my landscape photos. I am going to try this more often, to pick a theme, or set restrictions to what I am taking pictures of in the future.
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