Journals of a Burma Bushopper Part II

Part II – Inle

I’ll admit I’m not much good at planning ahead. I arrived in Burma with little idea what I was going to do with my first few days. I’d bought a ticket to come five days before Brandon in hopes of doing some exploring on the early side of the trip. Eden and Chhara welcomed me with open arms, and let me hang around their house for the first few days, even though we first met upon my arrival. Chhara took me to the Shwedagon Pagoda one day at sunset, then on a tour of the city by bus and taxi. Another night Ennie and John took me out to eat a traditional Burmese meal. During the days I mostly wandered around the city trying to meet people and communicate as much as I could, which was very little. My emotions were back and forth between excitement and loneliness most of the time. Things were new and unfamiliar, and I took in everything I saw and heard. It’s a strange feeling that we don’t experience when we are surrounded by what is familiar.

On the third morning Chhara helped me to find a bus ticket agent, and arranged for me to get on a overnight bus that evening. I’d decided that morning to go up to Inle Lake in Nyangshwe. I didn’t think enough beforehand to consider that in order to be back the following evening, the two bus trips would last longer than the time spent in Nyangshwe. I went anyway. Chhara and John drove me to the bus stop, and we all sang along with Bruno Mars on the radio on the way over. At the bus stop I met native English speakers for the first time in days. The feeling was incredible. Like home. Two girls from England and a German couple were now part of my wandering. Or I was part of theirs. One of the girls, Carly, was working with the Timber elephants and brought her friend Emily along for some traveling. We stuck together for the length of my one day in Nyangshwe, where we visited a farmers market and took a sunset boat out on the beautiful lake. I rented a bike with a flat tire (It was patched when I rented it, but not for very long), and stayed in a hotel with mosquito nets over the beds. Well, that’s almost enough words to make up half a picture if the saying is accurate. So I’ll let the pictures do the rest.Website Uploads-0355Website Uploads-0346Website Uploads-0344Website Uploads-0338Website Uploads-0337Website Uploads-0313Website Uploads-0367Website Uploads-0309Website Uploads-0296Website Uploads-0277-2Website Uploads-0274Website Uploads-0264Website Uploads-0262Website Uploads-0261Website Uploads-0210Website Uploads-0194Website Uploads-0167Website Uploads-0166Website Uploads-0165Website Uploads-0152Website Uploads-0113Website Uploads-0102Website Uploads-0099Website Uploads-0097Website Uploads-0089Website Uploads-9960Website Uploads-9946Website Uploads-9941Website Uploads-9939Website Uploads-0059Website Uploads-0054Website Uploads-0052Website Uploads-0045Website Uploads-0041Website Uploads-0040Website Uploads-0039Website Uploads-0038Website Uploads-0036Website Uploads-0033Website Uploads-0031Website Uploads-0030Website Uploads-0027Website Uploads-0007Website Uploads-0003Website Uploads-0002Website Uploads-9973Website Uploads-9970Website Uploads-9978Website Uploads-9998Website Uploads-9988Website Uploads-9992Website Uploads-9919Website Uploads-9879Website Uploads-9840Website Uploads-9893Website Uploads-9881Website Uploads-9878Website Uploads-9810

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